My girls loved their upcycled jackets. They are beautifully handmade and unique making them even more special. Just by looking at them, you can see they are extremely well crafted and exhibit the designer’s passion and creativity.


focus vest

I couldn’t wait to post a compliment when I finally got around to it. Focus Vest Denim Jacket purchase has been excellent in every way, from the packaging to the material. Their upcycled jackets collection is astounding. A little cropped, and a medium was just right for me. I’d say go for it.


Just wanted to thank you for the incredible craftsmanship, creativity, and quality that you put into making one of the best upcycled jackets, it’s definitely a head-turner and a conversation piece. I appreciate you turning my ideas into a reality, keep grinding.

Angelo (Nu) Parker/Entreprenuer

This is a piece of art…….beautiful.

You have talent and a sense for unique concepts . Don’t ever stop.

Dapper Dan