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Aryeh was sparked by the 80’s gang culture and the style of dress he saw as a little boy growing up in The South Bronx, New York. He tried combining motorcycle gang jacket culture and the regal royalty of the timeless rock battle jacket.

The sleeveless cut-off jackets are embellished with patches of band logos, record covers, or other artwork. As heavy metal icons, they are well recognized, although their roots go back further. During the late 80s, metalheads used vintage jackets and battle vests as part of their fashion. When on the battlefield, people use it as a personal badge on their armor and shields to distinguish between allies and foes

Many people use these battle jacket as a piece of living art telling the world who you are and what you stand for. What you have to do with the collar, keep it or remove it, fray the armholes, patch, paint, embroider or stud, it’s entirely up to you. It will remind you of the great Phil Lynott song’s lyrics “You, Can Do Anything You Want to Do!

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Inspiration of Aryeh To Bring Upcycled fashion in the 21st century

KavehAryeh took inspiration from the time spent in the Bronx circa 1975 to 1983. According to Aryeh, any person who grew up in that era just has a different type of relationship and understanding of what the culture really meant.

Graffiti Culture

The graffiti culture simply mesmerized him at a very young age. The subway trains, remembering to never walk out without a pilot marker for him to put a tag wherever he was. Looking to see great murals and great pieces on the trains, knowing the best writers and their tags, knowing where to look for their tags was everything about the Bronx life he lived.

B-Boys Culture

B-Boy Culture

Puerto Ricans and blacks mostly living together in the projects did not realize what they didn’t have. They thrive on what they have i.e. the style, the dress, and the music. Standing on the 19th floor of the project's window looking outside wished he could be there at night in the summertime in the park, grooving to the Spanish music blasting out of the local cleaners.

Gang Culture

Gang Culture

His cousin's friends were devotees of the gang culture. He loved how they dressed. He was influenced by the leather caps, turned sideways or backward, the cut jackets up with no sleeves on them, denim vests, with the gang names on the back. Some had leather jackets with names on the back, sneakers with the fat laces, and sheepskin coats with the hat to match.

Gangs in the 70s included groups like the Savage Skulls, the Dirty Ones, the Savage Nomads, and the Tomahawks to name a few. This along with the punk rock culture coming from Europe, the Heavy Metal battle jacket and the motorcycle culture like the Hells Angels were also one of the factors in bringing vintage fashion. 

Concluding, Kaveh Aryeh is the gumbo of retro authenticity, inspired by Graffiti culture, 70s street gang culture, kung fu culture (Bruce Lee’s style of dress), b-boy culture, punk and heavy metal battle jacket culture.

KavehAryeh Battle Jacket and Upcycled Denim Vests

KavehAryeh’s upcycled denim jackets are heavily influenced by the gritty old feel of New York City. We design and stitch vintage denim jackets with some inspiration and a touch of reality.

We are building a new generation of fashion that combines old and contemporary trends into one. You just can’t take your eyes off these perfectly stitched Upcycled Denim Jackets. From the East Coast to the West Coast, we design a walking mosaic of style, authenticity and individuality to shine differently. 

You must be thinking Why shop from KavehAryeh? The simple answer is “Each battle vest and jacket is made with a labor of love with the vow that no two pieces will ever look similar”. We deliver fashionable shockingly invasive pieces of wearable art which speak volumes with unspoken words.

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